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“It’s gonna be a tough two years.”

The first day of your Business of Branding (BOB) class can feel pretty overwhelming. You’ve barely even figured out where the bathrooms in the building are, but you’re handed a thick stack of readings and assignments, you’re introduced to the group of strangers you’ll be relying on all semester, and you’re presented with a course outline that appears to be completely insurmountable. In your head, you knew you it would seem impossible at first, but now that it is happening your gut feels sheer panic.

After my first BOB class, I went to find my locker in something of a daze. Inside, I found exactly what I needed – a note from the previous occupant, a recent graduate:

“It’s gonna be a tough two years.

But you got this!

It has since become clear to me that this extraordinary anonymous kindness is not unusual in this community. Everybody I have encountered through Brandcenter has been helpful and supportive, regardless of their own workload. I hope I can offer others as much as they offer me.

And when I graduate in two years, I will leave a note in my locker.

-Zak Vono, experience design track, class of 2019