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Learning How to Surf: Advice from a Non-Surfer

It’s always difficult putting the Brandcenter experience into words. After a year and a half of ups and downs, the best metaphor I can think of to describe this crazy experience we’ve signed up for: learning how to surf. The first few weeks, you start off close to the shore. Not knowing what to expect, you start to paddle, getting knocked down by every little bump that comes your way. But as the weeks pass, and you get further from the shore, the waves start to get a bit bigger. You start to discover bigger ideas and learn new ways to solve problems. And when you finally stand up for the first time, in the midst of all the waves, you’re challenged to push your work even further by faculty who want to see you succeed–faculty who challenge you to swim out even further and take on even bigger waves. And as I get ready to leave this beach, I look forward to the challenges to come, in bigger oceans. Knowing that this small surf shack gave me the tools to ride the waves.

– Kobby Amoako-Atta, copywriting track, class of 2019