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“My time here has not been without personal challenges.”

I’ve haven’t stopped learning since I arrived at the VCU Brandcenter.

I first heard about the school from my wife, who was living in the US before I moved here from Ghana. I was already working in advertising, but had always wanted to refine my skills in account planning. I made attending the Brandcenter a priority after I moved to the US in 2013.

My first thought during the initial week of school was, “I’m going to learn to think differently now.”

Having had previous experience, I had no idea what to expect as a student. How much of what I already knew would I apply here? What new things would I learn? I ultimately realized the VCU Brandcenter made me completely change the way I thought through problems. The Brandcenter is constantly teaching me something new. I’m leaning from seasoned professors. I’m learning from the array of tools and resources available to me. I’m learning from my fellow students who have very diverse perspectives.

My time here has not been without personal challenges. I have been put on my toes to be my best in a variety of roles: a student, a husband, a family man. Having a young family (the newest addition arriving in my final week of my second semester) coupled with my wife also being in school, has proven to be a real test of my ability to prioritize, manage my time, and keep a positive attitude. Those are all valuable skills.

Regardless of what you know, the VCU Brandcenter is a place to unpack everything. It’s a place to unpack what you know, and learn new ways to put your knowledge back together again in a way that makes a lot more sense.

-Eric Enninful, strategy track, class of 2017