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Students work with Arby’s in 2024 Brandcenter Sprint

During the five-day competition, teams of Brandcenter students created agency-quality work to present to Arby’s.

The “Fry Time” campaign won the 2024 BC Sprint, our annual week-long competition, where teams of Brandcenter students tackle real problems for real clients. 

How do you bring younger, meat-agnostic audiences into an iconic restaurant chain for “having the meats?” Leave a trail of their beloved curly fries towards rediscovering Arby’s.

On Monday, January 8, teams were briefed. They then had the next four days to develop creative solutions to the tasks at hand. As teams worked, they received guidance from an assigned mentor, a member of the faculty and/or alumni. 

On Friday, January 12, all teams had 10 minutes to present their ideas to a panel of judges (named below). Across the board, the judges were blown away by the work Brandcenter students were able to complete in just a few days: 30-second ads were produced, food was photographed, app prototypes were designed, and scores of social posts were mocked up. Several judges even noted that the work rivaled what their own agencies could create and in such a short amount of time. 

The winning team not only gained some serious bragging rights but they were also honored with their very own set of Meat Sweats to take home with them.

We are so proud of all of our students who participated and applaud the incredible work they created!

Winning Team for Arby’s:

Hazel Cimino (Art Direction, 2024), Ed Keithly (Strategy, 2024), Taylor Martin (Art Direction, 2024), Cam Rogers (Experience Design, 2024), Emery Schindler (Copywriting, 2024), Mentor: Berwyn Hung, Brandcenter Faculty

Sprint Support:

Thank you to everyone at Arby’s, Brandcenter, and beyond who served as judges, team mentors, and generally worked to make BC Sprint a success. 

Arby’s Panel of Judges: 

  • Sarah Weeden, Director of Integrated Marketing Communications at Arby’s (Creative Brand Management, 2011)
  • Andrew Kong, Creative Director at Arts & Letters (Copywriting, 2013)
  • Jeff MacDonald, Social Strategy Director at Mekanism; adjunct professor (Experience Design, 2012)
  • NJ Placentra, Freelance Creative Director (Art Direction, 2012)

Team Mentors:

Jess Collins (Strategy, 2010), Vann Graves, Holly Hessler (Copywriting 2009), Berwyn Hung, Andrew LeVasseur, Katie Long (Strategy, 2014), Kevin Rothermel (Strategy, 2006), KT Schaeffer (Art Direction, 2001), and Tom Scharpf (Art Direction, 1998)