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“The best decision I’ve made in my life so far”

Growing up in China, we’re taught to follow patterns based on what society has set for us. While everyone else was pushing me to the “big-name-schools,” I made the final decision to come to Brandcenter. The moment I decided to come here, I realized having confidence in my decision is harder than it sounds.

My first intention to choose a master’s program in the US was to learn more about branding. Simply, the reason for me to chose Brandcenter was I wanted to learn from the best. However, the experience here has gone beyond my expectation.

Branding today is such a rapidly changing industry. While everyone is figuring out a new way to solve problems, I’m lucky that I didn’t go to a traditional MBA program doing case studies – learning from the past. At Brandcenter, we learn by doing. Working with cross-functional teams on projects for live clients is more exciting and challenging than studying business scenarios. Here, the school trains you to always be ready to tackle problems with creative thinking, figuring out new ways to solve them. Once you have that mindset, you won’t be afraid to face any problem.

The Brandcenter experience has given me boundless confidence in my own craft while teaching me to be humble enough to work with others. I am ready to start my career now, and it’s getting easier and easier to prove that coming here was the best decision I’ve made.

– Sally Zhang, creative brand management track, class of 2019