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The Brandcenter is the ultimate sandbox.

There is a collaborative culture that is fueled by passionate people. It’s a creatively charged environment with students digging and making in every corner. The projects feel low risk and fast-paced. Once you are done with one, you’ll find yourself saying thank you, next.

Most of the faculty structure their projects for students to tackle with an interdisciplinary team. Working with people from various backgrounds have exposed me to new ways of thinking and given me an opportunity to experiment with different responsibilities on a team.

In my first year at the Brandcenter, I worked on a project where I was in charge of researching the capabilities of machine learning and defining how it could make recycling centers more efficient. Now, I spent a lot of time outside of class learning how to design in 3D, which has helped me in making a 3D product demonstration for autonomous vehicles.

While managing your time to tackle all of these group projects, you need to find time outside of class to broaden your skill set and hone your craft. I’ve always loved the idea of bringing products and services to life. Taking time to watch tutorials on 3D design and interface animations has given me the skills to do that on both personal projects and projects at the Brandcenter.

Finding that balance gives you the flexibility to make the work that excites you and the ability to contribute more to your team.

-Britt Kern, experience design track, class of 2019