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“The truth is, we’re usually scared shitless when we present.”

A handful of times, we’ve been praised for our presentation skills. This year, we presented multiple rounds of our work to Gary Briggs, the CMO of Facebook – along with a room full of big decision makers.

The truth is, we’re usually scared shitless when we present. We never know how we’re doing. That’s a normal feeling for new creatives in the industry, but once we were told over and over that we were doing great by different people, we realized we weren’t doing as bad as we thought.

We don’t think you can ever feel totally prepared, but you are prepared. It’s a been a single-minded goal of yours for the last two years – how could you not be? Sure, getting up in front of the CMO is a little different than sharing your work to a classroom full of your friends. But you’ll be fine.

Like Professor Coughter taught you – be prepared, be yourself, and own it, ’cause you worked hard for it.

-Nick Gelbard, Copywriter at Facebook, VCU Brandcenter copywriting track, class of 2015 Elly Taura, Art Director at Facebook, VCU Brandcenter art direction track, class of 2015